Reading, Writing and Liking It!

These classes develop independent reading, writing, grammar and spelling skills for English-speaking, native, bi-lingual and multi-lingual primary school children. Spelling and phonics are emphasised and a systematic progression is used for learning word families, sight words and important spelling rules.


The children build from writing sentences to paragraphs, composing letters, creative stories, and persuasive and expository writing. Grammar is an integral part of the writing and specific lessons also focus on important rules. Developing reading skills and comprehension is a cornerstone of the classes.


Lessons are designed especially for English-speaking children attending local Swiss, bi-lingual or English-speaking primary schools. In each class we focus on spelling, writing, grammar and phonics. We incorporate a lot of phonics as this is especially important for children that are thinking, reading and writing in German most of the day.


As children’s skills and confidence in English reading and writing grows, so too, does their motivation.


We also build in reading comprehension. Although the children mostly read at home, reading literacy is the foundation for the other learning and is highly emphasised.


We incorporate both the British and American teaching standards. For spelling we follow the British method (American children are taught the American spelling).


Word families and related spelling and phonic patterns are the base upon which children systematically build their spelling skills. Spelling is closely coordinated with the phonics programme.


The children learn creative writing as well as purposeful writing. The older children also learn to write reports and essays.


Children are placed in a class that is appropriate to their skills and development. As they progress, if they outgrow a class, they are placed within another class that comports with their needs and abilities.