Reading, Writing & Spelling Classes
for English Speaking Children

We provide classes for children from ages three or four through primary school, with a curriculum that teaches the most important reading, writing, grammar and spelling skills. Although they come to lessons only once per week, the children develop their English literacy to a similar level as if attending school in a native speaking country.


Established in 2008, these classes are based at various locations throughout Switzerland.


Our aim is that children enjoy English. Along with developing the ability to read and write, the children learn to become independent thinkers. This grows week on week, as does the child's confidence. This is why it is so important that the children attend for the full school year, and to demonstrate commitment to their learning journey. 


Phonics Fun! Level 1 - Start Reading

This beginners' reading class is for young children just starting to explore the world of reading.


These play-based classes teach early reading to English-speaking, pre-school children. There is no need to wait until they are older and many good reasons to start young!


Children learn the phonic sounds of the alphabet and also how letters work together to make words! They start identifying beginning, middle and end sounds in words, recognising written letters and reading short words and sentences.


We follow the phonic-based methodology of Sidney Ledson – a brilliant Canadian early childhood reading expert. Using this approach, the children learn to read short words at the same time they are learning the alphabet phonic sounds. To our knowledge, this is the only early reading programme that teaches young children to read simple words at the same time they are learning the phonic alphabet sounds.


We use the Letterland characters as a fun way to learn the phonic alphabet. The kids love the Letterland stories and the names of the characters start with the same letter sound they are learning, which really helps the children learn the sounds. We also incorporate elements from Jolly Phonics to reinforce what the children are learning.


After registration, important information is sent out about helpful related books and materials. If possible, it is important to attend all of the first six classes.



Phonics Fun! Level 1 is a year-long programme.                              

Where possible, it is recommended to start in the Autumn Term/ Term 1.

Phonics Fun! Level 2 - Develop Reading

Play continues as the medium for this second level class, designed for children who are already able to read simple three letter words. The class focusses on further development of their reading skills and provides the platform upon

which the children can then build more advanced skills.


This reading class picks up from where the children ended with Phonics Fun! Level 1. By now, the children know all of the phonic sounds and are able to read short, three-letter words. Most of the children are also either beginning to or are able to read short sentences and stories.


We continue to play word games in class to build the children’s reading skills and enjoyment.


The children are now introduced to more complex reading patterns in their weekly reading books, with longer words containing complex consonant and vowel digraphs, and of course silent magic e. These are short, humorous stories that include phonics words the children can easily sound out and “tricky” words that the children need to learn by sight.


The stories are designed to systematically develop the children’s reading levels, as well as their skills for learning how to learn new words. Accompanying each of the story books that the children read, is a reading comprehension task. This allows us to be sure each child has fully understood the text that they have read and is benefitting fully from their reading experience. The programme also provides an important groundwork for spelling.



Phonics Fun! Level 2 is a year-long programme.                              

Where possible, it is recommended to start in the Autumn Term/ Term 1.

Reading, Writing and Liking It!

These classes develop independent reading, writing, grammar and spelling skills for English-speaking, native, bi-lingual and multi-lingual primary school children. Spelling and phonics are emphasised and a systematic progression is used for learning word families, sight words and important spelling rules.


The children build from writing sentences to paragraphs, composing letters, creative stories, and persuasive and expository writing. Grammar is an integral part of the writing and specific lessons also focus on important rules. Developing reading skills and comprehension is a cornerstone of the classes.


Lessons are designed especially for English-speaking children attending local Swiss, bi-lingual or English-speaking primary schools. In each class we focus on spelling, writing, grammar and phonics. We incorporate a lot of phonics as this is especially important for children that are thinking, reading and writing in German most of the day.


As children’s skills and confidence in English reading and writing grows, so too does their motivation.


We also build in reading comprehension. Although the children mostly read at home, reading literacy is the foundation for the other learning and is highly emphasised.


We incorporate both the British and American teaching standards. For spelling we follow the British method (American children are taught the American spelling).


Word families and related spelling and phonic patterns are the base upon which children systematically build their spelling skills. Spelling is closely coordinated with the phonics programme.


The children learn creative writing as well as purposeful writing. The older children also learn to write reports and essays.


Children are placed in a class that is appropriate to their skills and development. As they progress, if they outgrow a class, they are placed within another class that comports with their needs and abilities.

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Need to Read - Book Club!

“A child who reads will be an adult who thinks.” – Sasha Salmina.

Is your child aged 10 or over? Has English as a spoken language at home? In the local system? Overwhelmed with homework and struggling to find motivation to read in English? 

Come and join AtoZ English’s ‘Need To Read’ – our NEW bi-weekly reading club.

The child will:

  • develop a deep understanding of plot lines and topics

  • learn new vocabulary

  • improve reading skills

  • practice turn-taking and sharing ideas

  • be able to discuss feelings and emotions experienced or observed within the storyline

  • make new friends

  • boost their love of reading.

Tuition Fees for the School Year 2020-2021

Phonics Fun! Level 1
Phonics Fun! Level 2
Reading, Writing & Liking It!

Registration Fee


Autumn Term Classes

Autumn Resource Charge

Autumn Term Total


Winter Term Classes

Winter Resource Charge

Winter Term Total


Spring Term Classes

Spring Resource Charge

Spring Term Total


SFr. 100.-*


SFr. 690.-

SFr.   65.-

SFr. 755.-


SFr. 552.-

SFr.   52.-

SFr. 604.-


SFr. 368.-

SFr.   35.-

SFr. 403.-


Registration Fee


Book Deposit

(payable at the beginning of the school year, and refundable when all books are returned)


Autumn Term Classes

Autumn Resource Charge

Autumn Term Total

Winter Term Classes

Winter & Spring Resource Charge

Winter Term Total

Spring Term Classes

Spring Term Total


SFr. 100.-*

SFr.   50.-

SFr. 690.-

SFr.   60.-

SFr. 750.-

SFr. 552.-

SFr.   80.-

SFr. 632.-


SFr. 368.-

SFr. 368.-


Registration Fee


Autumn Term Classes

Autumn Resource Charge

Autumn Term Total

Winter Term Classes

Winter Resource Charge

Winter Term Total

Spring Term Classes

Spring Resource Charge

Spring Term Total


SFr. 100.-*


SFr. 615.-

SFr.   70.-

SFr. 685.-


SFr. 492.-

SFr.   56.-

SFr. 548.-


SFr. 328.-

SFr.   38.-

SFr. 366.-


Need to Read

Registration Fee

Autumn Term Sessions (7 sessions)

Winter Term Sessions (6 sessions)

Spring Term Sessions (4 sessions)

SFr. 100.-*

SFr. 245.-    

SFr. 210.- 

SFr. 140.- 


If you have three or more children in class please contact us.


*Discounted registration fee available for those signing up early. See the offers page for more details. 

Locations & Times

We currently offer classes in Kantons Aargau, Schwyz, Zug and Zürich. For class schedules please email us, use our contact form, or call Shannon on 076 335 16 26 or Nichola on 079 255 60 11. Kindly provide us with your location, the age(s) of your child(ren), and whether s/he can read simple sentences of three-letter words. 


If there is not a class near you, we may be able to offer a new location. Let us know if you are interested!


Full addresses are provided as part of our start up letter, which is emailed before classes begin. We like to make sure that all locations are easily accessible by public transport. 

Kanton Aargau


Zürich City


Zürich North



Zürich Gold Coast



Zürich Parkside




Kanton Zug



Kanton Schwyz