Our Classes

Our classes are designed for English-speaking, native, bi-lingual and multi-lingual children whose parents would like them to maintain and develop their English skills. We help to achieve this with provision of supplemental after-school English reading, writing, grammar and spelling enrichment classes.


Small classes are tailored to the needs of each group and the individual children. The ages listed are approximate – students are grouped according to developmental and skill levels. British and American English are taught.


The lessons are 45-60 minutes in duration, and we meet once per week during term time. Classes are designed to last 60 minutes with a maximum of 10 children. When a class has less than 4 children we find that 45 minutes is the perfect amount of time to teach the course content without loosing concentration and still gaining the maximum amount of knowledge.


We offer three programmes - Start Reading - Phonics Fun!, Reading, Writing and Liking It! & Need to Read - Book Club. Click below to find out more information about each programme. 

Phonics Fun! 

For Pre-K and Kindergarten children, ages 3 - 6 years

Through fantasy, music, stories, games and lively activities, children learn phonics sounds and how to connect them to read words.


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Reading, Writing and Liking It!

For Kindergarten & Primary school, ages 5 upwards

Children love to learn. These enjoyable small group lessons provide a step-by-step method for children to develop their English writing, reading, spelling and grammar.



Need to Read - Book Club

For children aged 10 years +

Is your child aged 10 or over? Has English as a spoken language at home? In the local system? Overwhelmed with homework and struggling to find motivation to read in English? 

Come and join AtoZ English’s ‘Need To Read’ – our NEW bi-weekly reading club.